Some people will always throw stones in your path.
It depends on you what you make with them,
Wall or Bridge?
Remember you are the architect of your life.


Various resource persons were invited to conduct seminars for the high school students.

Resource Person Topic
Dr. Shilpa Thakkar - Problems of Adolescence
Mrs. Sonal Sheth
(Counsellor at Innovative School)
- Importance of values and virtues
Mrs. Tisha Roy
(Lecturer, Christ college)
- Team Building
Dr. Atul Joshi
(Prof. at Govt. Medical college, Rajkot)
- Psychological aspects of Adolescence
Ms. Riddhi Joshi
(PRO / Principal, sarvodaya school)
- Positive thinking
Dr. Jyoti Shah
(Sterling Hospital)
- Health and Hygiene
Mr. Paresh Kotak
(Principal, AVPTI college)
- Personality development
Dr. Kamal Mehta
(HOD Eng., Saurashtra Uni.)
- Self confidence, Planning and Discipline
Mr. Mayant Batavia
(Director, Empower Career)
- Career guidance and its importance
Dr. Daksha Chauhan
(HOD Commerce, Sau. Uni.)
- Problems of teenager and solutions
Dr. Mehul Mitra
(Private practice)
- Problems related to adolescence
Dr. Pratapsinh Chauhan
(HOD, MBA, Sau. Uni.)
- Career guidance
Mr. Chhagan Modwania - Physical planet viewing
Captain Jason Thomas
- Effective classroom teaching (Teachers' Seminar)
Mr. E. P. Desai
(Jt. Director, Secondary education)
- Chief guest for Exhibition cum fun fair

We extend our hearty thanks to these guests.