Some people will always throw stones in your path.
It depends on you what you make with them,
Wall or Bridge?
Remember you are the architect of your life.

Social and Community Service

The nirmalites have always lent their helping hands across India, to people affected by natural calamities.

The school has also taken up the challenge to teach underprivileged children especially from the slums.

  • 6/12/08 - Rs. 32400/- was contributed to Navshakti Trust by the students for the purpose of providing medical and nutritional support for the persons infected with HIV/AIDS.

  • 14/12/09 - allowed the differently abled children of Navshakti Vidyalay to exhibit and sell the things made by them for two days in NCS. Nirmalites purchased things worth Rs. 22000/-

  • 18/12/10 - allowed the differently abled children of Navshakti Vidyalay to display and sell the articles made by them in NCS. Nirmalites purchased things worth Rs. 35200/-

Supporting the children of domestic workers
20/07/08 - sent note books to Indore for the children of domestic workers.

Adding a ray of light in the lives of the Blind people
1/08/08 - Rs.31000/- collected on behalf of the National Association for the Blind on the flag day.

This was the highest amount collected all over Gujarat.

14/09/11 - Rs. 56759/- donation for Blind Association.

Caring for the flood victims
24/11/08 - Rs. 40000/- sent for the flood victims of Bihar. Nirmala had reached out from very far to the suffering people who had lost everything. But the care and concern expressed showed that the flood victims were near…near to their hearts. Nirmalites valuable contribution brought smiles on their faces.

Caring for the hungry
2/04/09 - Rs. 5000/- towards the campaign against Hunger & disease.

Bringing smiles in the lives of the less privileged children
12/08/09 - Rs. 6196/- donated to Smile Foundation as an expression of love & care shown towards the underprivileged children of our country.

Helping to promote good literature
20/09/11 – students purchased books worth Rs. 38275/- from Book Exhibition of Pauline sisters ahmedabad as part of collaboration in their mission of spreading and promoting good literature and audio-visual materials

The Eco club

The Eco club of the school strives to contribute its share in solving the environmental issues by reducing the use of plastic bags, sending the waste papers for recycling following the motto "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

The students of NCS prepared around 33,000 paper bags in the school during the activity periods and these paper bags were distributed among the fruit vendors and chemists in the city. The response from the shopkeepers was overwhelming and they all agreed to use the paper bags in place of plastic bags.

In 2011-12, the students along with the teachers also visited some of the public gardens in Rajkot under the project - "Green Rajkot, Clean Rajkot". They disposed off the waste papers and wrappers thrown by visitors. The students tried to explain them and made them aware about the disadvantages of using Non-biodegradable products and also made them understand the merits of using cloth bags and paper bags.

Rallying for a green world.

In 2012-13, the Eco Club celebrated "Environment week" from July16 to July 21 wherein Rangla and Rangli visited the school to bring awareness on Saving the Environment. Special assembly, notice boards and a rally was conducted to emphasize on saving our planet by keeping it green and clean.