Some people will always throw stones in your path.
It depends on you what you make with them,
Wall or Bridge?
Remember you are the architect of your life.

School Magazine

Beginning of a creative future.

Nirmalight - The School Magazine was launched in 2008. As the name suggest, it brings you the sparkle of the nirmal (pure) light of wisdom of Nirmalights.

It is a milestone and mean different things to different persons. It is a platform to bring out the latent talents of the students and encourage them to fine their feet in the literary world. The magazine was aimed to help the students in this infotech world to think faster, formulate and express ideas quickly and to develop a creative imagination to solve problems and respond to various issues of the society.

The second issue of Nirmalight dealt with the theme
"Protect Mother Earth" in context with the International Copenhagen Summit on Global Warming. So the articles selected were based on environmental issues, pollution and optimal use of natural resources.

The third issue was a dedication to our dear state, Gujarat, on completion of 50 years of its inception. As Gujarat celebrated "Swarnim Gujarat" year, the magazine also invited articles to help the readers understand culture and tradition of our diverse heritage.

The fourth issue had a unique theme of "Building Relationship" as it is realized that only through good interaction, conducive environment for sharing one's feelings and thoughts and creating an ambiance of trust and mutual respect, can a healthy and free relationship be formed.