Holy Spirit Pre-Primary School Rajkot


Social Responsibility

Becoming Responsible Citizens

From a very young age, the school creates a feeling of commitment to developing global citizens with sensitivity towards the needy and an awareness of social responsibility. The students partakes in different activities that help to make this world a better place to live.

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Holy Spirit Pre-Primary School The Kindergarten section is named Holy Spirit Pre-Primary school which is separately registered. The name Holy Spirit is significant as the little ones are placed under the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit who stands for wisdom, knowledge and love of God. "A school is a building with four walls and tomorrow inside." Our theme - Holistic education with a secure, stimulating and enjoyable learning. Our vision - To develop a just and humane society. It's an apt place for children to celebrate their childhood. We understand the need of each child, hence the school has arranged its curriculum so as to provide each child their own space to grow and develop at their own pace and to express themselves.