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Staff & Management

The original visionary spirit of building a society with educated women has become a reality in beginning an educational institution managed entirely by women leaders. It is a minority school, managed by the 'Nirmala Society' belonging to the Sisters, 'Servants of the Holy Spirit' of the Catholic Church.

Principals of NCS

  • Sr. M. Teresa Unzu(14-6-1963 to 31-5-83)
  • Sr. Mary Lobo (1-6-1983 to 31-5-86)
  • Sr. Rita T. (1-6-1986 to 30-6-1992)
  • Sr. Molly Rego (1-7-1992 to 15-6-1995)
  • Sr. Preethi Thomas (16-6-1995 to 1-5-2001)
  • Sr. Jancy Joseph (2-5-2001 to 8-12-2011)
  • Sr. Betty Mathew (9-12-2011 to 31-05-2017)
  • Sr. Sini Joseph (1-6-2017)


The school has more than hundred committed and qualified faculty that strives to mould, groom and nurture children into responsible and exemplary citizens of tomorrow. They guide them on their voyage into the future gently yet in a disciplined way.